OMNIBUS Betaflight 3.1 F3 6DOF Mini Flight Controller 20x20mm OSD Built-in 5V BEC

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Item name: Betaflight 3.1 F3 6DOF Mini Flight Controller
Size: 27x27mm
Mounting holes: 20x20mm
Weight: 3.1g
Betaflight target: betaflight_3.1.0_OMNIBUS
Runs betaflight_3.1, the latest firmware that supports Dshot ESC drive
Uses the MPU6000 over SPI for the best possible flight performance. 
CPU: STM32F303CCT6  (72MHZ, 256K FLASH)
Sensor: SPI Sensor MPU-6000 triaxial accelerometer / triaxial gyroscope
Power supply: 2-3S (7.4V-12.6)
BEC: built-in 5V/500MA
With buzzer port 
With PDB distributor for ESCs
Supports BLheli suite ESC programme
Built-in voltage detection and alarm function
Supports Sbus or serial port RX port, Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, XBUS, SumD and SumH RX, built-in inverter.
Supports 3.3v Spektrum satellite receiver
Supports PPM receiver
Receiver configuration: 
SBUS or DSM receiver input, please configurate RX3 as input interface.
DSM receiver powered from 3.3V
SBUS and PPM from 5V
Package included:
1 x Betaflight 3.1 F3 6DOF Mini Flight Controller

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