FX806TC Camera Mounts V1 and V2 Options

These new FX806TC low profile mounts will allow you to keep your stock canopy and hide all VTX equipment underneath. There are 3 different degree options and 2 color options (Clear and Black). Since these are almost completely hidden it only makes sense to order the color of the frame you are using or clear for custom frame designs.

0 degree

10 degree

25 degree for racing

Which Camera Mount is Right for You??

V1 Style camera mount comes in all 3 degrees and 2 color options. This option is the only option that will work for the stock Inductrix style frames. Note that it uses the screw hole to mount up front on the inductrix frame. This can also be used on E010 and makerfire/ crazypony alike frames if you have the screw mount facing the front.

V2 Style camera mount comes in all 3 degrees and 2 color options. This option will ONLY work on the E010/ Makerfire/ Crazypony Style Frames. Instead of using the standard mounting bracket, this option uses the extra bracket on the back side of the e010 style frames. No screw is necessary for mounting and it is still very stable. If you are wondering why someone would mount this all backwards, there is a very good reason. Some Flight Controllers such as the Beebrain have the USB location in a spot on the board that can not as easily be reached when mounted normally. If you reverse the mounting direction you can gain alot of clearance to allow easy access without risking damage to your usb connector on the board.

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