BetaFPV 65mm Micro Whoop Frame for 7x16mm Motors Version 3

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Note: The 65S frame we are selling now is V3 version.  Much Stronger with structs added and thicker material.

You can check the discussion about the Beta65s frame on BETAFPV GROUP and you can also check Dan FPV Skittles review video about the comparison of Beta65s frame of different versions.

Do you want to turn your tired Whoop into a beast? This Beta65S frame is your best choice! This is the world's first customized frame for 7x16mm motors.

Compared with Eachine E011 frame, no need to modify the battery slot, no need the foam adapter any more.

Compared with Eachine E011 frame, the 4 columns completely fit whoop flight controllers.

Here is the 7x16mm motors suitable for this frame.


  • With 65mm wheelbase distance and 7x16mm motor holder. These motors give this quad more power and more flight time than your regular 6mm Whoop.
  • The frame is made of the same material as the stock Inductrix, but even lighter and more durable.
  • Use this as a spare frame for your Eachine E011 drone, or to DIY your own Tiny Whoop drone with 7x16mm motors.
  • This frame works with the Inductrix FC, the Inductrix FPV FC, the Inductrix FPV Pro FC, and all Betaflight Whoop style FCs. 


    • Frame base: 65mm wheelbase distance
    • Frame motor holder: 7x16mm coreless motors
    • Frame Color: Transparent white
    • Weight: 3.3g


         This durable plastic package is designed to protect the frame from deformation during 
          the shipping process.
    • 1 * Beta65S 65mm frame

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