8mm KADOS CL-8520-14850kv 55000rpm Motors

8mm KADOS CL-8520-14850kv 55000rpm Motors

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Upgrade your stock 8.5mm motors with these powerful 55000rpm 3.7v motors. These will add tons of power over stock motors without completely compromising battery life. These high stall current motors will not let you down. These will not run for very long on some stock battery packs so upgraded packs are strongly recommended. By breaking in your motors with a few batteries at no more than 50% to seat brushes and allowing motors to cool between flights you can greatly increase the life of your motors. Never run motors in reverse as this will quickly wear down the motors brushes.


Set of 4 (2CW and 2CCW)

Clockwise- Red and White wires

Counter Clockwise- White and Black wires

Width- 8.5mm
Height- 20mm
Shaft Diameter- 1mm
Shaft length- 5mm
Speed- 14850kv or 55000rpm @ 3.7V
Wire Length- 8cm
jst 1.25 connector

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