BetaFPV 8x20mm 15000KV Brushed Motors (2CW+2CCW)

BetaFPV 8x20mm 15000KV Brushed Motors (2CW+2CCW)

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Inductrix FPV+ Version 

These 8mm motors are customized for Blade Inductrix FPV Plus. No need to swap the wires around on the connectors.

Compared with other motors like CL-8020-14 from MMW, the biggest improvement is that it has the same polarity as the stock motors and you do not need to do any modify in the motors or FC board.

Tips: the KV value of the stock motors in Inductrix FPV Plus is about 13800KV. Here is a discussion on FB.

The 14000KV 8x20mm motors for Blade Inductrix FPV+ drone are out of stock nowadays. You could choose the 15000KV version for whoop style FC board and swap the wires by yourself.

Whoop Style Version

This version is compared to the Inductrix FPV+ version, they have different motor polarity order. If you are using a whoop style FC with Betaflight firmware, please choose this version.

If you get a set of motors with wrong connector polarity, here is some tips for you to swap the wires around the connectors.

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  • Just for Blade Inductrix Plus.
  • Basic Edition 14000KV / 52,500 RPM@3.7V
  • Motor Diameter: 8mm, Motor Length: 20mm, With 1.25mm JST Plug
  • Weight: about 3.5g

Size comparison of all brushed whoop motors from BETAFPV. 


  • motor diameter: 8mm 
  • motor length: 20mm 
  • shaft diameter: 1.0mm 
  • cable length: 56mm 
  • weight: about 3.5g 
  • no load speed: 56,000 rpm at 3.7V
  • motor wire: clockwise motor(with red blue), anti-clockwise motor(with black white) 
  • connector: JST 1.25mm plug 


  • 2 * 8x20mm 15000KV motor (CW) 
  • 2 * 8x20mm 15000KV motor (CCW) 

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