7mm Chaoli (Race Spec) CL-0716-17500kv 65000rpm

7mm Chaoli (Race Spec) CL-0716-17500kv 65000rpm

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This is our new 7mm x 16mm high speed motor. These motors are design for pure speed and efficiency. Chaoli quality built motors will not let you down when it comes to performance and motor lifetime. When switching to these motors vs. a 6mm brushed build you will notice a large increase in power but still carry a similar flight time due to the increase in these motors efficiency to carry a similar weight load. By breaking in your motors with a few batteries at no more than 50% to seat brushes and allowing motors to cool between flights you can greatly increase the life of your motors. Never run motors in reverse as this will quickly wear down the motors brushes. Recommended battery size is a 1s 250mah HV or 250mah non HV. 250mah HV will provide a better amp draw for the first 30 to 45 seconds of your flight for these motors.

Designed to fit E011 and betafpv65S frames

Not designed for 2s operation

Set of 4 (2CW and 2CCW)
Clockwise- Red and Blue wires
Counter Clockwise- White and Black wires

Width- 7mm
Height- 16mm
Shaft Diameter- .08mm
Shaft length- 5mm
Speed- 17500kv or 65000rpm @ 3.7V
Wire Length-8cm
jst 1.25 connector

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