King Kong 1s Charging Board for JST1.25 and PH2.0 Style Batteries

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Description: This 1s charging board will allow you to charge up to 5 different 1s batteries at a time on independent ports. Dont wait for all you batteries to get used before placing them on a parallel board when you can charge them as you use them meaning you get back in the air faster. 
Features: 200ma and 500mah switch for charging options on each port
Led charge indicating lights
2amp micro USB charging port for phones
Power: This will take any 2s-6s battery with an xt60 style connector. Minimum size recommended would be around 1000mah for a 2s.
Size: 153x16x5.88mm and weighs in at only 14 grams so can be stored almost anywhere. 
Includes 1x kingkong charging board

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