Crazepony FPV Micro AIO Camera with OSD 5.8G 40CH 25mW

Crazepony FPV Micro AIO Camera with OSD 5.8G 40CH 25mW

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    Crazepony FPV Micro AIO Camera 5.8G 40CH

    • FPV Micro AIO Camera with OSD 5.8G 40CH 25mW Transmitter with micro JST 1.25 to 2 Pin wafer cable 1.5cm Y splitter for tiny whoop Blade Inductrix .
    • Light weight only 3.6g, Small size with 47 * 14.8 * 12.5 mm.
    • Supporting touch switch select channel Frequency group,Supporting NTSC/PAL switch, Support vertical inverted image switch.
    • 8LED display channel and 6LEDS display frequency group information, 1LED display PAL/NTSC and FLIP information.
    • Wide lens angle. Miniature and light weight design

    Product Description

    Output power: 25mW
    Supply Voltage: 2.9-5.5v
    Size : 47 * 14.8 * 12.5 mm
    Weight: 3.6g
    Antenna:Exclusive Dipole Whip Antenna
    Power consumption: 200~215MA5V DCIN
    Frequency: 5.8GHz 5 bands 40 channels, with Raceband: 5362~5945MHz
    Field of view: 120º
    Operating Temperature: -10℃~+60℃
    Ambient temperature:25℃
    Channel SEL:Touch Switch
    Channel Indicate:CH1~CH8 Channel indication with 8LEDS and A~F frequency, group Indicate with 6LEDS
    Modulation type:FM
    Transmit power: 13±1dBm
    Frequency control: PLL
    All harmonic: Max -50dBm
    Frequency Stability: ±100KHz (Typ.)
    Frequency precision: ±200KHz (Typ.)
    Channel Carrier error: 1dB
    Antenna Port: 50 Ω
    SENSOR:PAL: 720X540/NTSC:640X480 1/4”
    LENS ANGEL: H:120°/V:100°
    Base-band interface: (P1.27*2)
    Profile dimension: 14.5mm*12.2mm+14.5mm*12mm


    Transmission Frequency
    A:Ch1:5740MHz Ch2:5760MHz Ch3:5780MHz Ch4:5800MHz
    Ch5:5820MHz Ch6:5840MHz Ch7:5860MHz Ch8:5880MHz
    B :Ch1:5705MHz Ch2:5685MHz Ch3:5665MHz Ch4:5645MHz `
    Ch5:5885MHz Ch6:5905MHz Ch7:5925MHz Ch8:5945MHz
    C :Ch1:5865MHz Ch2:5845MHz Ch3:5825MHz Ch4:5805MHz
    Ch5:5785MHz Ch6:5765MHz Ch7:5745MHz Ch8:5725MHz
    D: Ch1:5658MHz Ch2:5695MHz Ch3:5732MHz Ch4:5769MHz
    Ch5:5806MHz Ch6:5843MHz Ch7:5880MHz Ch8:5917MHz
    E:Ch1:5733MHz Ch2:5752MHz Ch3:5771MHz Ch4:5790MHz
    Ch5:5809MHz Ch6:5828MHz Ch7:5847MHz Ch8:5866MHz
    F :Ch1:5362MHz Ch2:5399MHz Ch3:5436MHz Ch4:5473MHz
    Ch5:5510MHz Ch6:5547MHz Ch7:5584MHz Ch8:5621MHz

    Package Including

    1 * FPV Micro AIO Camera with OSD
    1 * Micro JST 1.25 to 2 Pin Wafer Cable
    1 * Vacuum Plastic Camera Mount

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