XT60 Lipo Tester/ 2amp USB Charging Port Combo

  • $6.99


Digital voltage display

Supports 2S to 6S lithium battery lithium battery, output 5V, can charge any type of mobile phone.

This gadget can not only be used to charge the mobile phones. Also can charge the Tablet PC and a variety of battery backup devices (such as cameras, Bluetooth headsets), can be used as USB portable lamp power supply.

In hot summer, can supply power to the USB fan.

If you have a USB expansion port, a cell phone can charge to three phones at the same time.

Can charge the backup battery of the device.


Input: 2S-6S

Output: 5V-2A

The weight of about 10 grams

Connector Type: XT60 plug

Output interface: Standard USB interface

Size: 53mm*15mm*8mm

Package includes:

1 x 2S-6S Lithium Battery Charger Converter

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